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Teach more, earn more! They are asking questions in a logical way and they are playing words puzzle game only. Then again blaa blaa is your mother name only one word or two words? Again omm blaa blaa blaa he will come to fathers name, is your father name Vishnu name? I hope every reader will start with omm blaa blaa is your father name related to Siva or Vishnu.

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I heard some other locations depends on the candidate hurry or worry and economical situation they are charging thousands of rupees, its too bad. I have been reading your posts in the Forum and I think time has come to share some of my experience with the members for after all this is one of the objectives of this Forum. I had when I joined the forum committed that I would share my long experience with Naadi predictions for the guidance and benefit of the members.

I have been visiting Nadi centres located in various places in the country for more than twenty -two years with mixed results, sometimes rubbish and sometimes simply mind boggling. The Yousufguda centre experience was really stunning so far as the past events were concerned. The naadi reader while checking out and confirming the identity of my wife told her husband's name ie my name , her father's name and her mother's name. Then he said that my wife was the offspring of her father's first wife and that she has one elder brother and one younger brother.

Amazingly true and confirmed her unique identity in the world! Now, let somebody who is good at logic work out the no.

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Not a single event came to pass. Not only that the Naadi. Before this traumatic experience she was hospitalised for stenting procedure on her kidney- renal artery which was blocked. Both these procedures cost me a bomb and caused considerable anxiety and tension. Now, tell me how do I assess this Naadi Centre? In what way I was benefited? He has nothing whatsoever to do with what reading you get from him, good-bad-ugly.

You get only what you are destined to get from him and pay for it. I may also mention here that not a single Naadi reader ever told me that that I would suffer from heart attack and would be operated upon for the same. Now should I blame all the naadi readers whom I met? This blame. If at all you want to blame somebody or something you blame it on to your fate or destiny which took you to the Naadi Centre. May be there is lesson to be learnt. But it is an amazing experience one should not miss in life regardless whether it helps or not.

It is indeed a dicey business!


We would also do well to remember that like any other profession Naadi is also not without its quota of black sheep and if people are fooled they have only their luck to blame! I have over the years collected a good deal of experience and information which can fill a book but today in my declining years I have neither the energy nor the stamina to undertake this exercise. I will however post mails on the subject as and when I am inclined. At the final stage they. With these three combination s no one will.

If any reader, reading without logical way questions then he is a good reader and. I read ur nadi experience. Did you take some important life descision on basis of nadi prediction? Did you have to suffer when the prediction went false and your discision praved to be suicidal? How many remedies were u told to do in last 22 years? How many did u actually do? I mean what was the ratio of Pooja told and pooja done by you? I too would like to state my experience at Ramanthapur center I was listening to the cassette recording again.

My name which is very uncommon , DOB, Parent's name, spouse's name, including sibling details sibling's kids etc were told correct. The cassette has the natal chart analysis planetary positions and very very strangely and surprisingly, all the positions mentioned by the reader doesnt indicate what my natal chart is.

The above is still a question to me - as to how the reader came up with a totally different chart, but still could say what other mundane astrologers say about my chart!! There were many contradictory stuff like for example, you have so many yogas, still you will suffer, and again said you have all those yogas and you will flourish in those areas - contradictory. He is a tamil guy and I am a telugu, and his Telugu is really bad, so there could be a chance he wasnt conveying properly what he wanted to convey, cuz of the language barrier. In total, I am perplexed as to they are doing mundane astrology for the prediction part even if we think so, the natal chart seems to be entirely different from my present natal chart or he has read the leaves.

I will let the group know if the predictions come true, it will take a couple of years to happen. Also, he had said that Saturn phase will be coming in 2. Date: Saturday, June 13, , PM. Dear Mr. Nitin,I wish to state here my own experience although your post is targeted for Mr. Respected mr. VB Deshmukh1. How was your experience abt.

When these incidences did not happen , did u ask in prashna kandam? I didn't take important decisions based on naadis as I use them as guidance and a guide can be utilised just like a Torch in a. How many remedies were u told to do in years? When I went to Karunakaran of Sukar naadi, he was giving a list of so called remedies and and also his reading is completely wrong in all context as a prasannam chapter written in leafs won't come in the way he read and it was like that Big kanchipuram fellow I exposed here some months ago.

This fellow was keen only on money via so called remedies. How much was difference in past life told by different readers? I posted my relies as I found your questions were relevant to be answered by others as I too have some personal experience on your asked points. Dhinakar Rajaram Iyer. I hope others also will contribute their experience. But about mr Karunakaran of sughar nadi , i know that he is extremely famous.

How come he has started wrong practice? Or may be the Sughar nadi is read in detail in prashana kanda , with many remedies. And he charges very high , i know that. Dear VB Deshmukh and other fellow members ,Thanks for taking time to replying to my post. You have suggested that your past and present were accurately predicted by the Nadi readers you visited. However, you can see from my first experience from Nadi, I have had my future predictions coming true Nadi readings that I had taken 11 years back and what happened until now have been true.

It is my bad luck that I lost track of the reader. The reader in Hyderabad at that point was so genuine that he said he did not have my leaf and went to v-koil to get it. I believe the reader's name was Arvind Swamy in Hyderabad. Would anyone know if such a reader is still based here? I'm a firm believer in Nadi!!! I went to Ramantapur and Nallakunta centres in quest of genuine Nadi reading. I'm inclined to try Khairtabad branch as well, before I go to v-koil.

See, there are so many discrepancies in the predictions of these centres that I do not have a reference point for my near future, forget the past and present. I understand this differs from the nadi centres to the people who go to get the readings. Assuming that quite a few people have been to these centres in Hyderabad, I think a polling based on these questions would help in determining a genuine reader b genuine nadi centre. Looking forward to replies from all the Nadi group people who have had experience in Hyderabad!

Thank you in advance Hi Serenity,Can you let me know the name of the Nadi Reader? Also in 1. Some irrelevant questions. Did he convey even one detail - which you did not even mention regarding names, date of birth, profession The reader I had was one Mr. Dear Sudeep, all other friends and specially to Shri. VB Deshmukh Sir,All in one sentence:-You get only what you are destined to get from him and pay for it. VB sir,Your experience on Predictive methods including Naadi astrology i enormous, I am bachha in this field.

Kindly keep guiding us. Hope for best of health. Recently - however I have met readers, who are not genuine in letting me know that they either dont have my leaf or are just genuinely fake. So in essence - I have the following specific questions regarding a genuine Nadi Reader in Hyderabad:- who does not exhaust all possible combinations of questions to get all your details - past and present?

I am curious to see the chart given by the Naadi Reader.

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From the planetary positions it is not difficult to find the month and year as per the Gregorian Calendar we all use in our official and civil work. We can also know the date of birth if planetary positions are given with degrees especially the Sun.. From the House position of the Sun in the chart we can know the time of birth within two hours and from the degree,sign and house of Moon and Ascendant we can further refine the time.

Once I do that I will cross-check my findings with you for further examination..

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  • Date: Monday, 15 June, , PM. Saturday, June 13, , PM. It's the Ramanthpur center shiva nadi. Reader should be shiva guru swamy. And yes in the initial phase After the thumb print , he did tell about my name, etc. And actually he took 1. He did ask all those q's like 'ur mom's name starts with Date: Tuesday, June 16, , AM.

    I have re-checked the notebook they gave me. And another surprise for me, the natal chart in the notebook given by the nadi reader almost matched with the one the astrologers produce except for Me - in the chart I have got from various astrologers, Me is in 8th house whereas this natal chart given by nadi reader has Me in 7th house.

    But I am still surprised as to when I was listening to the cassette, why the reader has said different positions for the planets, like for example, in notebook chart has Ve in 8th house, but in the cassette he said Ve in 2nd house!

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    I believe Shukra is Sanskrit is Venus in English. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Vedic Astrology Jyotisha Search In. All Activity Home IndiaDivine. My experience at Ramanthapur and Nallakunta centres in Hyderabad Rate this topic 1 2 3 4 5. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Recommended Posts. Guest guest. Report post. Posted June 1, Thank You Sudeep. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

    Posted June 2, Dear Sudeep, I am chandra sekhar. For example one person mother's name sumathi ,they will ask Is your mother name start with ra,sa,va,su,sa,ma like that Candidate will tell one word only, may be immediate question is your mother name ends with pa,ma,tha,thi,thu like that. Candidate mother's name start s with su 2 ends with thi 3. At the final stage they will finalize and they will read one by one in fast way your father name, mother name, date of birth, number of sisters, brothers and they will tell we found your leaf.

    With these three combination s no one will come right? If any reader, reading without logical way questions then he is a good reader and that is good center. Visit Durai subburathinam at Tambaram. Genuine reader and I have known him for 9 years. The other person is Mathiazagan from the Brighu centre at Ashok Nagar.

    Posted June 4, Pl give me their contact details. I also faced same issue. I went to tambaram, Thiru balasubramaniyam.

    astrologers in hyderabad secunderabad Astrologers in hyderabad secunderabad
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