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Saturn and Neptune are planets that plan for the future, although Neptune can get lost in the fantasy element of it, while Saturn can be rather inflexible about it. The two of them in sextile however, make magic happen. Neptune softens the defenses of Saturn and Saturn brings us the self-mastery needed to identify our Neptunian blind spots. Together they are capable of bridging earth and sky. We must look at the intricacy of our personal web of desires and dysfunction to see them for what they are. Doing so will help heal our personal and collective suffering this year. Will they affect you?

What have you learned about business? How do you relate to the authority figures in your life? Have you matured in any area? These are the questions that you will answer as Saturn begins moving forward once again. This is a time to pat yourself on the back for all of your hard work. Mercury is still moving forward at speed as October begins—yippee!

Expect things to go swiftly and smoothly at the office and in your personal communications too. But around October 24th, prepare to slow down for the upcoming Mercury retrograde period that begins on the 31st. Mercury is in Scorpio this month and will be going retrograde in that sign, so get ready to have some hard conversations with people who know you far too well and who might have some reflections that are difficult to hear.

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Here are more clues about handling Mercury Retrograde with grace. October begins with the Cardinal Air sign of Libra. As an Air sign, Libra blows in the winds of change at the autumnal equinox and frosts the leaves, creating a red and golden landscape. Imagine the season of Libra as a beautiful lady whose skirt is a small cyclone of brightly colored leaves, dancing and swirling. Winter is coming, but is not here yet. This is the fall, when the sun dips below the equator and leaves cascade from the trees. This year Libra runs from September 23 to October Hope they will help.

I am already feeling urge to break free old patters which no longer serve. Moon is lord of my 7th house. In year I started seeing with someone. It was just sexually and hidden.. He found me on Facebook we were on same high school. Ohh Yes I remember October ! Everything was so intense. We started game running and chasing.

In both way. Too intense to handle and to live this. He run away from me because he told me that I am in love in him. I was running away because he wanted just raw sex. He didnt want to commit and still does not want Venus square Uranus. Uranus is lord of seveth house Most of time we were single.

We found each other last year, when Jupiter started journey in Scorpio. Now is even worse! More agressive and quick sexuall phone texts, passion,magic and than.. And pain. He is a very special to me I cannot deny , but he is my worst pain. So,Jupiter will soon hit our comp. Venus, and move his journey trought our comp. The first day of Sagittairus, will also our comp. I hope that soon I will get all answer and final break down!

I cannot explain the heaviness in my heart. I cannot move in my life since last August. I turned him down week ago.

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I think and I feel that lot of changes must be made. For better and worse and forever now. My image to myself, to others - he is my mirror of my darkness , unfinished school scare to finish , boring job, living with parents, no kids. It sounds very intense indeed. With Venus retrograde conjunct natal Pluto, you will have to give away your love, to completely surrender. This is especially the case in your chart because you have Pluto conjunct the South Node and natal Venus.

Venus retrograde conjunct Pluto will ask you to let go of any expectations of what love is. Im a Libra with my natal Venus in Scorpio. I think this means Im screwed for the next couple months?

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Should I avoid dating any new people during this period? Not necessarily avoid dating but wait until Venus goes direct to make important relationship decisions. Thank you for the reply. Also wanted to say that the New Moon in Virgo post was incredible. Looking forward to all your posts! This is interesting. A couple months ago I started a long distance romance, and as fate would have it our first in person dating opportunity is, by necessity of schedule and uncontrollable factors, the second week of October.

I would love to know that too. I am in the same boat like you. My best friend and I started a being romantic With each other after knowing each other for years. But I loved from one state to another before we even knew about how our feeling well develop. I will see him miss month.

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I am happy for you. Look out world Here I come!!!! Every 8 years, Venus goes retrograde in the same sign, a few degrees away clockwise from the last retrograde. Thanks for the guidance, it accords with my feelings on the matter, she is also interested in astrology, so we are going to talk about the retrograde and be mindful about it.

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Hello Astro Butterfly! Thanks a lot for the wonderful analyse! In my natal chart I have Mercury retrograde at 8degrees Scorpio with my Sun and Uranus there,in my 3rd house. Venus retrograde will pass from there 3 times and together with the transit Mercury will conduct with my Mercury. Actually my birth Venus is in Libra,8gedree together with Saturn,in my 2nd house. My ascendant is Virgo. In which subjects of my life I will have changes and how to deal with them?

Thanks in advance! I am looking for a date to get married , and I would like to know if getting married with venus in shadow nov 15th is something good or bad? Hi Astro Butterfly! Thank you for the wonderful breakdown of venus retrograde.. I was born born in september 1st Will the retrograde Conjuct my Uranus orthe first one? My question us will this retrograde my money or relationships? Then I remembered the Venus retrograde. How about the conjunctions of Venus retrograde with transpersonal planets for people born before ? In s?

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Thank you for this detailed post on Venus retrograde. Very refreshing for me. From Feb. Thanks for all the special dates when Venus makes an aspect to Mars, or Mercury. Interesting is also that when Venus starts her direct motion, Mercury start his retrograde period next day on November 16th, However, you may have other planets there. You need to check your birth chart to find out, you can generate it at astro. I guess both Uranus and Venus will shake things up for me? In my solar return in September Venus was conjunct natal Venus and when Venus is retrograde and conjunct natal Venus, the transit sun will also be there same degree Scorpio.

We are about to put an offer on a house but feel nervous to do so during venus in transit. Should we wait until the end of the month?

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  • We are getting a great deal and I would hate to miss out. If you are getting a great deal then definiely put the offer. There are many factors to look for in an electional chart, and Venus is just one of them. As a professional astrologer of some 28 years standing, I for one have no such placements and in fact have no planets at all in this area. When I check my client and family list it is the same story. Where on earth did you come up with this kind of statement?

    How did I come up with this? My Birthday is on November 16th and I wanted to get my hair cut on the 8th as I am travelling to London that weekend. I have seen that some astrologers say not to get a new hair cut during Venus Retrograde. Do you agree? Venus retrograde may not be a good idea if you plan an drastic change of look e. And anyway, 8th of November is after the new Venus cycle starts on October 26 so even from a Venus pespective you can start something new.

    Back in October, is when i found the love of my life. We literally could not stay away from each other. Pushing, pulling, separation etc. But still we maintained contact and re-reconciled afterwards. But ever since Dec , I am in a cloud of uncertainty, with no answers what so ever about this relationship. Can i expect to get answers of this relationship, or will my lover come back? Yes this current retrograde has a similar energy to Venus retrograde Difficult to say what will happen exactly but similar themes will come for sure.

    You may have other planets there, you can check your chart on astro. People need to stop and talk with you. Energy flows and action is easier to come by. Juno wants to make sure you have someone to stand beside you, and know that they have your back. Hang in there. Venus has you caught up in the loveliest of threads. With this placement you can certainly expand your social circle. This includes those whose interests you share, finding both emotional and intellectual satisfaction.

    You may be surrounded by the most caring of friends at the moment. Mercury, Mars, and Juno send their energies to this sector of your chart. Attending a lecture, meeting up for a chat, and feeling breezy are part of your weekly climate. Venus transits to bonus up your career. A smooth week with a spiritual dollop. The New Moon begs for you to take a trip. Pallas Athene in Libra may have you riled up, just to keep the sparks going. You are likely to stand up for a cause, or feel the force within you.

    What does it mean? Venus completes her transit in your relationship sector. She moves along to see what her influence brings you. Scorpios not spoken for generally become their own best friend.

    Finances take a step backwards of late?

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