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Pronounced: IN-con-junct. Each natal house cusp the beginning of that house is positioned within a sign, and usually each house cusp lands in a different sign — 12 signs, 12 house cusps. But sometimes a house is so large that it completely encompasses a sign.

The encompassed sign is said to be intercepted in that house. This tends to happen more often in very northern or southern latitudes, and is a distortion effect of the extreme latitudes, although it can occur near the equator too. This interception effect also only happens with certain house systems, which have variable sized houses.

Equal house system does not have this distortion, since the houses are always 30 degrees in length. Intercepted signs always happen in pairs. Opposite houses always form an axis, as do opposite signs. So when a sign is intercepted, its opposite sign is also intercepted in the opposite house. An intercepted sign can be thought of like "a room within a room," where the surrounding house is the outside room and the intercepted sign is contained within it. I believe I first heard this analogy in Joanne Wickenburg's wonderful book, Journey Through the Birth Chart , which is still available.

In order to access the inner sign, the person must "go through" the sign on the cusp of that house usually the preceding sign. The person first needs to master the qualities and circumstances of the sign on that cusp, and only then can the person begin to fully access the inner sign within that house and any planets contained within that sign. See: Intercepted Planet.

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What Are Interceptions?

Environment symbolized by the latitude. The MC does not change , so your final "destiny" "calling", "destination" does not change, but the environment's influence will appear, in that it may or may not support you along the way. If we look at the chart, we see 12 houses, 12 signs, a perfect circle of symmetry. This circle is based on the fact that everything works in polarity.

For every point there is an opposite and equidistant point. And our 12 houses and 12 signs work in pairs opposing and complementing each other. This polarity is so very important because it brings on objectivity. For everything , there is an equal and opposite thing. And so the scales are balanced. If we think about the polarities of the 6 pairs of signs in our chart, we are constantly trying to balance them. And when an interception occurs, it is as if the balancing of the scales must be done in the dark. Instead of being able to see at a glance, whether or not your scales are balanced, between Aries and Libra, for example, you are in total darkness no objectivity and you must feel your way slowly and tediously, to figure out whether the scales are tipping this way or that way, and what needs to be added or removed on either side to bring them to a balance.

Of course, the easiest thing to do would be to be able to switch the light on, and see clearly. This is what can occur, when the interception is unlocked. Alice Miller "describes an interception as a hole in the chart.


Psychologically, it describes an area missing from the childhood developmental environment. With an intercepted chart, during the formative years, there are neither mirrors nor ego instructions involving the signs and planets within the interception. This leaves us with a psychological, or social, disability. Chris McRae sheds light on the way interception functions. She describes the psychological process involved as an "intensification due to internalization".

She explains that "when we internalize a basic need it gains a great deal of intensity. It becomes a need we struggle to fulfill in our outer experience. If we think about the 6 polarities in terms of our needs and dilemmas , we can try to define the 12 signs as follows:. Aries and Libra : the need to initiate action, bravely discover and assert our desire versus the need to share with others and maintain harmony. If Pisces is on the cusp of Aries, it is necessary to translate idealism into action. And with Virgo on the cusp of Libra, analytical work must be put at the service of others; the results of your efforts must be shared.

Taurus and Scorpio : the need to get tangible results and produce something of value versus the need to combine resources and transform accumulate vs let go. If Aries is on the cusp of Taurus, you may be seen as a leader, but you also need to acquire the endurance to create something lasting. And with Libra on the cusp of Scorpio, "diplomacy" may overshadow your inner power and intensity, robbing you of the chance to transform, and regenerate.

If Taurus is on the cusp of Gemini, stability and attachment to material results may stifle intellectual curiosity and mental stimulation, and fixed ideas may close the channels of communication. And with Scorpio on the cusp of Sagittarius, a deep, powerful and intense approach gets in the way of expanding the mind to future possibilities, to optimism. Cancer and Capricorn : the need for emotional growth and security versus the need for goal achievement and social status. If Gemini is on the cusp of Cancer, you may have a mental approach to a variety of experiences but you may have difficulty confronting and dealing with emotions.

‘Intercepted Zodiac Signs and Planets – Subtle Truths In Astrology

And with Sagittarius on the cusp of Capricorn, it may be challenging to figuring out how and when to stop expanding over-extending and define appropriate limits which would allow you to build something solid out of your philosophy. Leo and Aquarius : the need for creative self-expression and for recognition versus the need for this creativity to serve social concerns beyond ego concerns.

If Cancer is on the cusp of Leo, it is not enough for you to care for and nurture others, your will and creative strength need an outlet. And with Capricorn on the cusp of Aquarius, it is not enough for you to be a respected part of social structure, your individuality and difference must be given a chance to shine. Virgo and Pisces : the need to analyze and perfect the self and put it to service versus the need to accept things the way they are, let go, and experience faith. If Leo is on the cusp of Virgo, you may be seen as stable, fixed, reliable, but inside, you doubt yourself and cannot find ways to correct yourself and become useful.

And if Aquarius in on the cusp of Pisces, your difference and uniqueness leave your vulnerability misunderstood, and you cannot reach faith from behind the "glass" of Aquarius. She explains that if one pair of signs is intercepted and therefore somehow blocked and delayed in its expression, this will affect how the native will express the pair of signs preceding the interception and the pair of signs following it.

In total 6 signs are affected, that is, half the chart. How to unlock the intercepted polarity? The first door is actually the house cusp, and its key is its ruler. One must become very good at the process described by the sign on the cusp, and an expert at using its ruler in whatever sign and house it finds itself.

Then, you bump into something you didn't even know was there: the interception. Now you must look for a second key, somewhere else: the intercepted sign's ruler. By placement, this ruler can give hints about how and where the intercepted sign's needs went unanswered and unmet by your environment. This may have happened either by a lack of something, or on the contrary, by an over-emphasis.

The house it is in will point out the area where a new and personalized approach will be necessary.

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Here are some keywords associated with each house placement, to represent the themes needing to be addressed differently from the way one's environment addressed them, either by under or by over emphasis. If the ruler is in the 1st house : self-image, appearance, personality. If the ruler is in the 2nd house : self-worth, personal resources, talents, values, economic stability. If the ruler is in the 3rd house : educational requirements, academic skills, speech function, community participation, relations with siblings.

If the ruler is in the 4th house : personal foundation, sense of belonging, security, family background, roots. If the ruler is in the 5th house : creative and recreational interests, procreation, entertainment, risk taking. If the ruler is in the 6th house : daily routine, work, body and health, daily management, co-workers.

If the ruler is in the 8th house : intimacy, sex, deeper meaning of life, death, separation, shared resources. If the ruler is in the 9th house : religion, higher education, principles, morals, ethics, philosophical ideals, prejudice, fanaticism.

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If the ruler is in the 10th house : success, recognition, fame, authority, your "place" in terms of "standing". If the ruler is in the 11th house : larger community within which you interact socially, friends, social causes, dreams, hopes, aspirations. If the ruler is in the 12th house : spirituality, karma, mysteries of life, social service, sacrifice, secrets, privacy, suffering.

The ruler shows where something must and can be done to help unlock the interception. If it is also intercepted, it is twice as hard, and it is twice as important to find your answers within. The chart has a mechanism of symmetry as we mentioned, and therefore interception happens in two parts: if one pair of signs is locked in two houses, then one pair of houses is locked in two signs: these are the intercepted houses, or duplicated signs. In other words, one pair of signs is repeated on 2 consecutive house cusps and "intercepts" a pair of houses.

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